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  • mortar and pestle

    Yep, that's right.
    Lost power after the storms for 5 days. Have been meaning to buy a handgrinder for a while. Found a unopened packet of ground stuff in the camping gear with the stove top and made a couple of coffee's, very ordinary. Thought the mortar and pestle with home roasted beans might make a better brew, and it made a pretty drinkable brew. Lovely mixture of fines and chunky bits, and the forearms get a good workout as well.
    Got power back on tonight. Have water again [on tank water] so a hot shower is going to be pretty good and the mazzer and ECM are going to get a workout tomorrow morning.

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    Moral to the story...

    Buy a hand grinder!

    Actually, as I am also into the camping thing, the hand grinder has been a very good 100 buck investment.

    Only 5 days without power and on the Gold Coast? I didn't know that area copped it so bad!


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      I'm up on Tamborine Mountain, on my second latte of the morning, bliss. Lots of damage to fix up.
      Just had a look at the HG one, a bit pretentious for camping but a great looking grinder.