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Dilema - Upgrade Sunbeam EM0480 or not

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  • Dilema - Upgrade Sunbeam EM0480 or not

    Hi all,

    Well with the info and advice from this site I have been enjoying my VBM Domobar Junior for close to 12 months now. Unfortunately I have got the urge to buy something and I am considering upgrading my Sunbeam grinder. I have had this grinder for about 7 years and it has not missed a beat and to be honest I don't think there is any need to upgrade as I am enjoying the coffee I am making. However as I said above I have an urge to buy and I am looking for some advice.

    I am looking at the grinders under $700 that are stepless and doserless and will consider second hand. I suppose my question is will I actually notice any difference in taste or am I moving into kitchen bling?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Easy answer Dasher. In all likelihood, a comprehensive YES!


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      I think the question "will I actually notice any difference in taste" is bigger than just the "difference in taste".

      YOu will end up with a far superior piece of equipment in all ways not just "in taste" !


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        OK thanks guys I guess I will need to start investigating grinders.


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          I was in a similar situation. I owned an EM 0450 which worked great. However just two days ago I upgraded to a Baratza Preciso! I am excited to try it and given the reviews I highly recommend it - especially with its $330 price tag.


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            Re: Dilema - Upgrade Sunbeam EM0480 or not

            Have you had a chance to try it yet, if so could you taste a difference?


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              No I haven't tried it yet. I'm short on beans so don't want to waste too many trying to get the grind right at the moment. I have asked in the other thread for a good starting point to my grind setting so if I get a reply to that I'll try it asap.


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                I'm in the same boat, have an EM0480 and a feeling that I want to upgrade. My machine is an Isomac Tea, and have also had it for a year or so. The sunbeam grinder is 2-3 years old & hasn't done anything wrong, but I keep thinking that a better grinder would improve what's in the cup. I very nearly bought the used Mazzer Mini that was on here, but it went while I was still dithering. I was put off by the doser. I am also very interested in opinions for an upgrade - probably up to around $500 - $600 or so. I'll keep my eye on this post.


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                  The Compak K3 looks good at around the $500 mark and the Mazzer Mini can be had for a good price by the look of things. Just don't want to spend the cash if it all still tastes the same, after all isn't that what it's all about?