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  • What grinder is that

    Yesterday, three grinders left europe to make their way to our humble workshop for evaluation.

    I expect we will poke and prod them, undress them, take a look inside, put them back together and run them in the cupping room for a while to see how they behave.

    After all the indignities they will suffer at the hands of our passionate staff, I expect we will supply our notes to the manufacturer so we can discuss what changes if any are required to suit our market.

    And some time down the track.....I expect we will be able to offer the three new grinders to our discerning clients.

    They left yesterday by air courier.................Cant wait for them to arrive!

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    Ohhhh! Like Christmas morning!
    Look forward to getting the lowdown :-)


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      One grinder arrived on Friday, the other two are expected this week. Fed-ex gave some coqueanbulle about them not being cleared for customs together......!

      Whatever. When you deal with this stuff often you learn not to let this kind of nonsence (they are part of a single invoice consignment and there should be only 1 customs entry for the lot) bother you too much and go with the flow. If you dont, you just give yourself an anxiety attack for nothing....

      Outwardly, this is already looking like it will be an excellent little grinder, in the next couple of days we will pull the guts out of it and check to see if we like it as is internally or if we need to ask for some modification to suit our Australian electrical law making gurus !


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        Teaser picture?
        (you know we want it!)