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Needing help dialling in new Super Jolly E

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  • Needing help dialling in new Super Jolly E

    I picked up my Super Jolly E today. I'm getting adequate results so far, but looking for a little guidance:

    - Time: as a guide (or at least a benchmark) - I'm working on 15s double or 7.5s single.
    - Are you using 2 single doses or a single double-dose for a double filter basket?

    Any help appreciated - don't want to waste too many beans!

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    Dunno what beans you're using but 15 seconds sounds like a longish time for a double on a SJ-E. Generally I'm in the 10-12 second range. To calibrate the timer, my strategy was to time with a stopwatch how long it took to grind a given dose (eg. 18g), weighed using a scale, when using the 'manual' button, and then adjust the double dose button to this time. Doesn't really make sense to start out using time as guide without calibrating for mass, or at least grind quantity in the basket.

    Just a few other general tips with this grinder:

    1. Bear in mind a fair amount of grinds will be kept up in the burrs and anti-static mesh. I usually purge out a double shot at the start of a coffee-making session to clear out stale grinds, and also purge when making a grind adjustment.

    2. Make sure the grinder is running when adjusting the grind. This will avoid the burrs getting jammed up and save you an unneeded disassembly.

    3. The timer will need to be adjusted with different bean types and other variables (eg. a coarser grind setting generally = shorter grinding time and vice versa).


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      Originally posted by DavidR View Post

      Any help appreciated - don't want to waste too many beans!
      i use a mazzer too and found that inconsistency was attributed to grind retention in the chute and also taking much longer than expected. i now put a weighed dose into the hopper and grind it all, sweep the chute (removed finger guard, static screen and also fit a strainer in the dosing cylinder to help with clumping), then run it for a second or two to let the sweeper clear out whats under the burrs with a final sweep of the chute. that said the same routine can be applied to a full hopper, leaving out that last step. from what i saw the build up in the chute and screen was only allowing grinds to go through in large clumps at a time - and that made a 2-3s difference for the grinds to finally fall off in blocks.

      just my 2 cents