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Breville smart grinder dosing issues

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  • Breville smart grinder dosing issues

    Hey Guys,

    I thought i would come and ask here for some help.

    I am having some trouble with my smart grinder and im not sure if its by design or if something is just strange on it.

    Whenever i am trying to get my grind right its a nightmare. a small 1-2 click change can mean that the pour will go 10 seconds longer and i think i have found out why!

    I did some testing weighing the basket this morning.

    Now for starters i have the shim kit in my grinder.

    It seems that if you go past certain sections the dosage drastically increases.

    I had it 3 notches on the screen away from the finest setting. I also had it on minus 3 for the amount adjustment.
    This gave me 18g of coffee in the basket and a 34 second shot.
    I clicked it 1 notch courser to try and make it a little quicker but this then became a 38 second shot.

    I found that the 1 notch courser resulted in 20g of coffee in the basket.

    So the grind size changed slightly but there was an extra 2g of coffee so it choked the machine up.

    Is there a problem with my grinder? I thought it was meant to be "smart" in terms of the dosing.
    I understand that courser coffee has more volume, but this is just 1 click/notch im talking about.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Am i doing something wrong?

    Hope someone can help me work out the issue.

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    Hey Shadoxity,

    I owned the smart grinder and loved it, i only changed to a compak recently as i got a great deal on one. I didnt have shims in mine but understand what you are saying. I will ask as you havent mentioned anything about it above but what type of beans are you using and how old are they? This alone can dramatically change the out come.

    hope this helps somewhat.




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      Ahh forgot to mention that.

      Chris, the beans were roasted 6 days ago. I have the same occurrence regardless of the bean type i use. Im not sure if this is how they normally run, but it just seems counter productive that the dose size changes fairly dramatically just by 1 or 2 clicks.

      I will note that it seems like it could be some sections of the fineness gauge where the dose changes.
      Its just frustrating.



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        think it doses by time rather than weight and I think mine does it too. have a little lever machine so its not so obvious.


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          Yes, the SG doses by time. The amount that is ground varies by density of the bean, time since roast, humidity, weight of beans in the hopper, and other variables (as do most grinders), but also varies by the the presence or absence of the portafilter holder (updoses if present) and fineness of the grind by my experience. Sorry, I don't recall the points on the scale where it changes dose by significant amounts, but I can confirm that it does so.

          I use the dosing timer to get me in the right area, then decide if I want to add more or not to get closer to the correct dose. Then I use a fine needle to break up clumps, tap the pf three or four times lightly on the tamping mat to settle, and use a plastic card to level and if necessary scrape excess grounds off before tamping. I bend the card to get a concave surface on the grounds before tamping. The smaller the basket, the deeper the concave curve.

          This is for the Breville Dual Boiler using VST baskets. I used to weigh the dose, but I stopped doing so months ago.


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            Thanks for the feedback.
            I guess ill just have to work around it and get some more experience with its adjustments then!


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              Yep, its timed dose. With practice you will learn that if you fine the grind a smidge, you will probably need to increase the dose setting a smidge, and vice versa. Just aim for the correct tamped dose level in the basket (5 cent test) and you will be fine. Thats what I do, I dont weigh the beans/grinds, I just judge the dose by the final height of the tamper in the basket. If you find that one setting of the dose is too little and the next too much, just select one shot and do a single dose on one dose setting, then another single (into the same double basket) in the next dose setting, effectively giving you an inbetween measure of the standard dose settings.



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                Great thanks for that. I think doing the 2 single dose's might give the flexibility to get it to the right amount



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                  I agree mate. The smart grinder dosing can be a little odd. Have you weighed how much coffee comes out from one shot? I have consisted got 14g per shot of setting 3 and 1 (finest). Funnily enough it fits perfectly into a single basket. Everything tastes great and the pour I get it 28 sec - 30mls. But cant help think that Im practically overdosing double a 7 gram basket.


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                    I have not weighed on 1 shot.
                    But 2 with minus 3 amount i can get around 17g


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                      I have the same issues. After notch #17 (from LHS) it starts massively updosing. Like 23-26g for a double shot on -5, and that's the least amount it dispenses! Since I never went this fine with my old machine, so I never noticed it. Last week I got an Infuser (BES840), and needed a finer grind, and noticed the huge change in dosage.

                      I decided to check to see if there where any spacers installed that may be messing with volume calibration. Not only are there no spacers installed, my bottom burr was installed incorrectly from the factory! It was sitting on top of the little nub, instead of it being in hole on the bottom of the burr. This was effectively acting as a spacer (and gave me a fine enough grind 5 spaces from the RHS). I installed the bottom burr correctly, and now I can't grind fine enough.

                      I've emailed Breville Canada to try and get this sorted, as now I'm out of my warranty period.
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