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Mazzer Mini has a birthday.

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  • Mazzer Mini has a birthday.

    Decided it was time to give the Mini a clean up, I try to do it about every 6 months.

    Removed the top burr carrier springs etc, there was quite a build up of coffee in the top carrier, gave every thing a scrub with a stiff brush then blew it all out with compressed air, a final wipe around with a clean rag and put it back together again.

    An easy job, reckon I got about 4 grams of built up grounds out, yes there was a difference before and after, the machine ran quieter and ground a notch or so finer than it had before the clean.

    The only caution is not to be too vigorous with compressed air around the bottom burr assy, it's been said in the past there is a remote chance of forcing crap into the motor.