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Vario Grinder repair in Brisbane

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  • Vario Grinder repair in Brisbane

    My 3-year old Vario grinder has stopped working. It started with a loud squeal and now just is rumbly and not smooth at all. My guess is that I need to replace the gear and/or belt. I contacted ABC where I bought it from for ideas on getting a repair done in Brisbane and they pointed me to the Espresso Doctor who work on all their commercial machines but won't work on this one (say they don't have the parts). ABC says that they are happy to have a look at it but I would need to ship it back to them which sounds like a lot of added expense.

    I also asked fellow CSr Renzo Castillo from Di Bartoli whom I met at a CS event in Brisbane a while back who found me Appliance Maintenance Company supply coffee grinders, roasters, brewing equipment and coffee packaging equipment in Sydney Australia. but they would also need me to send it to them in Sydney.

    Before I start shipping this off I was just wondering if there is a fellow CSr or other repair shop here in Brisbane who might be able to help me out with the repair or do it for me. I can get the parts from Renzo and the instructions to replace the belt are on the Baraza site in the US. I got as far as getting the cover off just to have a look, but decided I wasn't comfortable with the rest of the dismantling or getting the belt tension right etc.

    The grinder is well and truly out of warranty so there is no issue there. I would like to have my Vario grinder back in action but lucky I still had my old trusty Rocky in the storeroom as a backup.

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    The brotherhood of coffee afficionados has come through and my grinder is now fixed. A big thank you to Mark who saw my plea and generously offered to have a go. Back to smooth grinding now on my kitchen bench.