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Breville BarAroma BCG450 - Recently bought no 'Turkish' though is 'espresso'.

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  • Breville BarAroma BCG450 - Recently bought no 'Turkish' though is 'espresso'.

    Hey, I received a Breville BarAroma BCG450 today. As per some research there are many complaints at it's inability to grind fine enough. These though all seem to be (For the most part) from 2010 and all refer to the lowest setting being 'Turkish'. Much of them state this 'Turkish' is not fine enough. The BCG450 I received though goes down to 'espresso' (It doesn't have any 'Turkish setting') and claims to go down to 'the finest espresso grind' on the box (Boxes never lie, right? ). My question is has the model been changed? Does the 'espresso' setting actually give a suitably fine grind?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quick point of clarification is I don't have my machine or beans where I currently am, so an unable to simply test said grinder!


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      I'm sorry, but the only way to tell whether your individual machine grinds fine enough is to test it by making an espresso in your espresso machine with your beans.

      There is a (relatively) huge variation in how individual components work and then work together.