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  • Upgrade from sunbeam time

    So originally I found a espresso machine in our trash room and cause I'm that kinda guy I just had to see if it worked, bought a sunbeam grinder em450 or something like that and then bamm hooked. That machine lasted about 2 months before I passed it on to someone else and grabbed myself Silvia as the wife said lets not spend a fortune you know how fickle you can be.

    2 Years later Silva now has a PID and my wife says my coffee is so much better than any cafe she visits, She drinks drip feed coffee every morning and her moving my grinder to coarse and then back to grind herself more coffee has taken its toll and I can not set it where I need without it jumping mid grind to another setting.

    After explaining the grinder is almost as important if not more so than the machine I have been granted a 1000 or so budget for a grinder.

    Currently am deciding between mazzer mini e or the super j e, or maybe the m4d, from all the reading I've done I think it's what's going to look sexier in the store to me. Anyhows, if anyone feels strongly about either please let me know your thoughts,both positive and negative would be appreciated.

    Oh and on the front of when my Silva will be upgraded I'm happy with the girl, will keep her until we shift and buy a house in Brizzy in a couple years or if she dies a death to expensive to repair

    Just realized I've written a massive post, damn IPad in bed and coffee on the brain!

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    Hi Tasmik,

    Even though you have an ability to go up to $1000 on a budget, there a a few grinders under $1000. So if you wanted to save your self some cash but also get a grinder which will satisfy and exceed what you currently have you could think about a Compak K3. From what i have read on here people also seem to be happy with the Baratza Preciso. With that said the Mazzer's you are considering you wont be disappointed in.




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      +1 for the Compak K3P or K3T. Well under $1,000. can be switched from drip to espresso really quickly and easily......but maybe the wife can keep using the EM0450 for drip...that way you dont have to jump around settings all the time.