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Rocky grinder cleaning

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  • Rocky grinder cleaning

    Hi guys,

    The Rancilio Rocky I ordered arrived yesterday. It still had coffee grounds in it (Rancilio factory test the machines apparently), which were obviously stale. I have run a few baskets through now, and it is getting better with every basket (it initially had a strong 'supermarket' taste that goes hand in hand with staleness, getting less now), but there is still the smell of stale coffee in the hopper (and I'm assuming there is still stale coffee on the burrs). Is there a way you can detach the hopper to clean it? Should I be worried, or will the staleness go in time as I run fresh coffee through it?

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    Rocky grinder cleaning

    You will need to clean it eventually to remove the buildup.

    It's pretty easy to take the hopper and top burr off to clean - just 3 screws will do it! You can leave the bottom burr in for a clean. When you put your grinder back together, make sure you align the '0' mark on the front with the burrs just touching (and so the stopper lines up at '0' too). You can turn the burrs by hand to get the alignment right so the stopper hits the right spot.

    Usually a good idea to clean it whenever it starts to smell a bit funky or you notice your grind is "off" (slow, finer than usual, etc). I do mine every 3-6 months, and clean with a brush (while still assembled) after every bag of beans.