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A tale of 2 Grinders

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  • A tale of 2 Grinders

    I have 2 grinders. A Vario and a Breville Smart Grinder. The finer grinds from the Vario are "gritter" than the finer grinds from the Breville. The result is that the shots ground from the Breville run slower than those from the Vario. Both taste great as the main machine is an Expobar. I'm a new snob and need to learn more about the grind. Any input?

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    What do you want to know? You have two grinders that work and produce good results; sounds alright to me.

    Are you sure that you haven't written it the wrong way around, though? Grittier grinds would indicate larger particle size to me and that should result in a faster pour.

    Finer grind will result in slower pours. Coarser grind will result in faster pours. More uniform grind should be better in theory (as fine particles/dust will overextract compared to the rest of the grinds, causing bitterness) but if it tastes good to you then whatever you have works.

    Personally I could see an argument that some dust/fines isn't a bad thing as the flavour may be "different", not necessarily worse and it's all down to personal preference.


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      Morning Knowlesy welcome to Coffee Snobs.

      If shots from both grinders taste great it sounds like your on the right track, now it's simply down to personal preference.

      Experiment, that's what it's all about.