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BCG 800 not ejecting ground coffee

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  • BCG 800 not ejecting ground coffee

    Whilst I’ve read many threads here I had yet to post one...until today.
    I’m seeking advice/assistance with my troubled BCG800 [1028 stamped in the plastic on the base]

    Very early on in the life cycle of my BCG800 – Phil Mcknight from Breville sent me a set of shims to allow me to grind the coffee as fine as I needed.

    The grinder had been working well until recently. The 'paddle wheel' that moves the coffee away from the burrs once ground, and around and out the TINY hole, appears to be worn and the ground coffee is compacting on the side of the bowl that the paddle wheel spins in, resulting in the paddle wheel catching and giving that terrible ratchet noise which sounds like plastic gears stripping.

    I keep the grinder free of any moisture and also keep the steam of the machine away from it too.

    I disassembled it to the point of taking out the burrs and the shims and the paddle wheel device and cleaning, 4 times in a row the coffee [different beans to ensure that variable was removed] continued to compact and cause that ratchet noise.

    Any suggestions?
    anyone know where I can purchase a new/replacement paddle wheel?

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    The best thing about these grinders is that they come with a 2 year replacement warranty. Just take it back to your place of purchase with the docket and they WILL give you a brand spanka..