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  • Mini Mazz Eletronica

    Just wondering if any one who has one of these has had problems with either of the timers on the machine.
    Had mine a couple of years and was initially sus even during the setup process.
    A 180 deg turn is supposed to add 1 gram of coffee but the double dose now won't run past 15 secs and I have to fill the rest manually.

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    Yes- typical for this (now discontinued) variant of the mini-e. The analogue timer is/was horrible and for that reason, we avoided selling them.

    The new mini-e digital is a far superior unit.


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      yeah - I have the dodgy mini. No amount of turning that screw makes it go long enough for a double basket.


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        I press the double and then fine tune the single to top up to the exact amount


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          Just to update.....
          I spoke with The Beanery in Brighton where I purchased the unit and was told that he'd never had a timer fail but what happens is that there is a spring that needs to connect with something behind and sometimes that mechanical connection fails.

          He suggested winding it up fully then winding back to the start and then try adjusting to my preferred setting.

          BINGO !! it worked just as he said........first time.