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Spice Grinder if you're desperate?

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  • Spice Grinder if you're desperate?


    New to all this and just working out my new Breville BES900. I have the smart grinder on order but have beans sitting here ready to go - so my question is would you ever, or have you ever used a spice grinder to grind your beans???

    Shoot my down if you must - but I might give it a go whilst I'm waiting for the grinder. It's still got to be a better bet than pre-ground supermarket stuff right??


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    I doubt you will be able to get a fine enough grind,,,you need something approaching a flour like texture.
    Also you will not be able to get consistent results, so any pour you do get will be unpredictable.
    Maybe using the dual wall basket might give something drinkable ?


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      I have in the past. It is better then chewing on the beans.

      You will not get as much flavour but you will get a coffee and sometimes that is all you need, especially first thing in the morning.


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        Might be better to go with a plunger coffee using spice grinder ground bean beans. I can understand the temptation to use your shiny new machine though!


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          Eh, why the hell not? You won't hurt anything and you'll give yourself a benchmark so you can tell the difference that using a shitey grinder makes.


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            Thanks for the replies. I gave it a go - seemed ok. Well, as in still much nicer than any other coffee I've made myself. And the smell! WOW.

            I got it as fine as I could, extraction time around 20 secs which I know from reading around here is not ideal. But needs must...