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Compak K3 Touch HELP needed

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  • Compak K3 Touch HELP needed

    Hi all I have a Isomac Tea II and Compak K3 touch at work. We use about a kilo of beans a week. Of late I cannot seem to get the grind right. I have cleaned the burrs they appear to be ok but im not sure. Here's what I know.

    1-I adjust the burrs with no beans in so the burrs touch and back off a bit
    2-This morning i tried this to no avail, grind still coarse. I tried 16-18 & 20gram shots and still ran quick
    3-Burrs are touching slightly and grind is still coarse that the shot runs quick with blonding
    I always use fresh beans from Merlo or Di Bella

    Could the burrs need changing?

    I run a Mazzer mini at home and when I adjust the grind to the burrs kissing and back off there's a difference.


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    Hi Noel,

    When you adjust the grinder to the finer setting, do find the shots running slower or still fast?

    What is the Roasted On Date on the bean packet?


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      Hi Noel

      If you dial it close so that the burrs lightly kiss, then press down on the back of the adjuster, does the touching sound stop?