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I just bought a Gaggia Classic and I'm looking to purchase a coffee grinder

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  • I just bought a Gaggia Classic and I'm looking to purchase a coffee grinder

    Hey CS,

    I've recently purchased a second-hand Gaggia Classic (previous thread). Now I need to buy a coffee grinder that would complement the machine. My knowledge on the subject is quite limited.
    Here's some information:
    - budget $50-$125 could spend a little bit more if the quality jump makes it worthwhile
    - I don't mind purchasing a second-hand device
    - Must grind fine enough to make espresso
    - I live in the CBD of Melbourne

    If you guys have any machines in mind and could sling a few model names my way so that I could do some research that'd be much appreciated!

    Thanks guys!

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    at that budget range, you probably can have a look at the Sunbeam 440 or the 480... or can have a look at the Breville Smart Grinder which can be found 2nd hand around that price range.
    If you find your grinds are not fine enough, you can get the shim kit for the Sunbeam from Ebay or Breville from the customer support...


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      Make the jump as much as possible (200 out of the question? Even if you have to wait a few weeks and put a bit extra away over time you'll find it's worth it), hit up gumtree and see if you can find a Macap/Compak/Breville Smart Grinder/Baratza someone's trying to get rid of quick.


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        I suppose I could stretch to 200. Is the quality jump that noticeable?


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          yes... as long as the machine can grind fine enough for your machine, it does make a big difference...
          My machine is very particular with how fine the grinds are... so it is still a big learning curve for me... but trying out from pregrounded, to the Sunbeam to Breville to a Macap commercial grinder (cheap 2nd Gumtree purchase) my drink changed from very sour, to slightly sour but drinkable as a milk drink, to "WOW! Where did that thick chocolatey taste comes from"

          Yes, all fresh beans from the same local supplier...

          Guess once you have dialed the grinder to your machine, it all depends on how long it will last...