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Setting dose on super jolly

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  • Setting dose on super jolly

    Hey, I have just got a second hand mazzer super jolly and have been playing around getting the grind right and then setting doser. My scales are not accurate so I have been just using my baskets to gage the dose. I can't get enough for the single basket out of one flick but have set it that two is right. When I use the double basket it only takes three flicks to dose what seems to be the right level. I would assume it should be four?

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    Try a 2 click/3 click strategy and you should get there. That said, the best place for a single basket is in a junk draw


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      Takes me at least 10 clicks on my super jolly, although I rarely count.


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        Not the same. To use the dosing function, the doser needs to be at least 1/2 full. It's only relevant (if at all) in busy cafes during trade peaks. Grind and then click like crazy (free dosing) is the go for home.


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          I am slowly building a coffee cart. Bit of a project that I can do bit by bit as my budget allows. Just got the jolly at a pretty decent price so u snapped it up. I usually do keep the single handle in the bottom draw but dragged it out to look at the dosing settings. At the end if the day at such a point u use it commercially ill know how much to dose. Just thought I may have been doing something wrong. But dosing chamber wasn't half full. Only put enough to fill each chamber so probably not accurate.