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  • Quickmill vintage grinder

    I am curious to find out if anyone has any experience with these vintage Quickmill grinders
    There are always plenty for sale on italian ebay, but my search for information about them came up pretty much with nothing.
    I was wondering if anyone used them and if new burrs were available for them?
    One of these would be a perfect match for my Quickmill SuperQuick 660 at work.
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    Just for the record I posted this question on various other sites and while the feedback was limited and not by any means conclusive, it seems that burr sets for these machines are still available and that they function reasonably well with the small 43mm burr set. Though there seems to be a lot of ricochet once the hopper is getting empty. I guess the only way to really know is for me to go out and buy one and report back.


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      Hello- I have used these grinders and they are quite good. They are reasonably loud and vibrate around a little- and as you say the beans jump around a lot in the glass hopper once they get low. Also getting the coffee out of the glass catcher is a little bit more annoying than some other grinders... and can be a little more messy too- coffee sticks to the lid with static. But they really are very beautiful grinders to look at, well made, and everyone always comments favorably when they see them. The green and yellow ones are particularly good colours.


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        Well I bought one of these grinders - a chrome one - and need to replace the carbon brushes in the motor. I started to clean it with warm water as the grounds container was stuck fast. I soaked it in warm (not hot) soapy water then rinsed it and set it on the draining board. The next morning i was doing something else and heard a "pop" looked over and the ground container was broken. I can only conclude there must have been some tension in the glass as a result of manufacture. Anyway to cut a long story short, I now have no grinds container and it would seem there are no replacements available. I have been thinking about just making a doserless type chute to grind directly into the PF, but i will need some time to investigate this further. Im really disappointed i managed to get this thing all the way home from Europe in one piece only to break it at home...