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Just scored a new Samsung EM0480 for $130 at Good Guys

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  • Just scored a new Samsung EM0480 for $130 at Good Guys

    Noob here, first post!
    I've been meaning to take the plunge into freshly ground coffee for a while now, but due to budgetary constraints I'd been hesitant to make a purchase as I wanted something that could eventually handle an espresso machine (if and when I ever ditch my plunger, though perhaps an Aeropress seems the next logical step?).

    I was having a look around online for an em0450/480 as I'd heard good things from this forum when I stumbled upon one online for $149 from The Good Guys. I went into my local store and informed them of the online price (they had it marked as $169), then asked if they'd take $130 cash, and to my surprise (after bitching that it was below cost...yeah right ) the salesman said yes.

    Overall, I'm quite chuffed. I broke it in with nice pack of medium-roast beans (roasted Tuesday) from a decent local third-wave type shop and it was bloody glorious. I'm the first to admit I know sweet-eff-all about grinding, but this thing seems to perform pretty damn well for the price (from what I can tell from weeks of lurking and research). I had a bit of a play with the different settings (and wasted much coffee in the process) and managed to get an almost flour-like powder (not quite as fine but its the closest consistency I can think of) at the lowest setting all the way up to the highest setting that worked perfectly in my plunger without letting any solid grounds get through the filter (like the pre-ground stuff always did).

    The only thing that bothers me is that a lot of leftover grounds get stuck inside the mechanism somewhere, though a firm couple of whacks on the base seems to dislodge most of it (at least I hope so, I'd hate to see expensive coffee go stale).
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    Welcome to the addiction.

    You have started at the right spot--good beans, well ground.



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      I've been using an em0480 for 4 years now for espresso and never had a drama with it, I pulled off the portafilter holder and just hit the button with my thumb.

      Although sometimes I feel like my ideal grind is sometimes in between steps, I can change dose to accommodate and I think this is an issue you can get with even higher end 'stepped' grinders.

      Great entry level grinder and well done on a GREAT price


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        Samsung? presume that's a Sunbeam?


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          It does seem to retain some grinds. Just before I stopped using mine, I bought a little handheld vacuum cleaner.

          Without this, (and without pulling the bottom burr out) you are reduced to rocking it back and giving it a thump on the bench while it is on (great for it, I know) and alternating tipping it upside down (with hopper/top burr out) and the right way up, thumping it on the back with the palm of the hand. Use the brush when most of the big stuff is gone.


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            You should see the 106cm Sunbeam telly I just got


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              Originally posted by GrahamK View Post
              Samsung? presume that's a Sunbeam?
              Haha, yeah. I always get the two confused for some reason.

              Also, I just walked into Target on a whim and came out with a variable temperature kettle and digital scale. I think I might be starting to have a problem...


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                Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
                You should see the 106cm Sunbeam telly I just got
                Good one Chris.


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                  I'll raise you a 120cm Wega (not Sony).