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Rancilio Rocky making a racket after 8 years

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  • Rancilio Rocky making a racket after 8 years

    Hi, I have a Rocky doserless that has been in daily use with its partner Silvia since 2005. After coming back from holidays and refilling with fresh beans, it initially would not grind. You could hear the motor trying to turn, but it had jammed. Then it slowly started to turn and finally it came up to full speed and could grind perfect coffee. However, the noise level is through the roof, and a conversation is impossible while it roars away. However, bean grinding is still perfect. I have cleaned the machine every year so am fully familiar with it. I decided to pull it apart to see if a stone had entered the burrs. Surprisingly, the burrs were very clean and I could spin the motor with my fingers quite easily. There is no play in the bearings, but there is a certain roughness when the motor is turned. If I lay the machine on its side and turn it on, the grinder vibrates very roughly and jumps on the bench top, but when upright or upside down it is fine, although still very noisy. Is my machine stuffed and is this worth sending away for repairs? Or should I just put up with it until it eventually dies?

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    it may be that the motor is loose and needs tigtening. 8 years of service -Amen