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DeLonghi KG100 - French Press Grinding

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  • DeLonghi KG100 - French Press Grinding

    Hello fellow Coffee Snobbers!

    Just a quick into into my journey into better coffee before I get into the nitty gritty. Yes, pun intended...

    I decided to get into making better coffee a few months ago but had not visited this forum before buying a grinder.

    Most guidance I had was from a Lifehacker article in which I chose to start making French Press coffee, see link
    Dropping the Drip: How to Get Started Making Better Coffee

    Several searches more on the subject led me to buying a burr grinder that was cheap and value for money. Grinders from Hervey Norman were too expensive, and the limited range at BigW led me to buying the DeLonghi KG100.

    I won't get into too much into the details of the KG100 as that seems to have been done enough already.

    Since this price range grinder suits my needs for French Press (and now Sunbeam Cafe Crema II EM4820 with double-wall baskets) I do not feel the need to spend more money on another grinder or machine.


    Setting the grinder to its coarsest setting grinds coffee acceptable for French Press/Plunger, but still leaves sludge in the cup. This much has been noted by many CSers.

    This is the coarsest setting I can get from this grinder...

    Instead of showing you the final results of the grind on this setting I have decided to show the "dust and boulders" after being seived.

    This is the dust left behind..

    This is the rest...


    Even though the results are a fairly good, about 20% of the grounds end up as powder. I don't really feel like double sifting all my ground coffee just to prevent some sludge, but a bigger fine seive might convince me.