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Cleaning the Compak K3

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  • Cleaning the Compak K3

    I was going to post this in the "Setting up a K3 Push" thread, but then I thought it may be better to start a separate one.

    Just came across this Tech Tip: How to Clean your Compak K3 Touch Coffee Grinder - YouTube

    At first, I thought I'd post it here, in case any of the new owners find it helpful, then I decided I actually have some questions from the experts here.

    Gail (from SCG) is poking at things with sharp pointy instruments. Is that a safe thing to do? I often have trouble removing some stubborn bits, but was never game to poke it it with anything sharp.

    In other words, do the experts here approve of her system of cleaning, or is there anything you would advise against?

    My next question is about grindz. I have never used it, and seems the opinion is mixed. I have read that it is the best thing since sliced bread and it cleans oils that manual cleaning (unless one would completely take it apart and actually wash all the bits in soapy water - something I am not game to do) does not, while other opinion is that one should never put anything in the machine other than beans.

    What do you all think?

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    Grinders are generally robust items.
    Have been doing same as what gail did once a week. Have never had nicks or scratches.
    Had a Sunbeam EM480 grinder previously and it,s never suffered any effects from scraping with small flat edged screwdrivers.

    If you,re still concerned about it, use Grindz you mentioned. Works very well and others here will recommend it.


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      I find that a combination of wooden kebab skewer & cotton buds gets rid of everything, including most oils, without ever requiring metal on metal with my M4. Never used grindz before - I've found stripping down, cleaning and re-assembing the grinder is just too straight forward to warrant putting anything non-brown through it! Only do this every 3-4 months - doesn't seem to be too much of an issues any sooner…