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  • Grinder buying help

    Need a bit help in deciding what grinder I should buy. I have a Fracino Cherub and been looking for a grinder for a while, my budget is about £250 - £280 and I have been looking at the Rancilio Rocky and the eureka mignon but have no idea what one would be best for me. The best price I've seen for these are £234 for the rocky and £280 for the eureka.

    should I buy one of those or are there others in my budget I should be looking at, your expert advise is much appreciated

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    In the end I decided to buy the Eureka mignon, can't wait until its shipped and I can start grinding my own coffee


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      Congrats. What swung you in favour of the Eureka in the end?


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        Some fairly decent reviews and it was in my price range. The rocky was slightly cheaper and from what I read there wasn't much between them, just decided to go for the Eureka. Lets hope it's the right choice but more than happy with my choice in the end.


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          That sounds like a bargain for the eureka..

          From what I understand the mignon should be superior to the Rocky, since its usually compared to compak k3 and the Vario.


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            Yep, think it was a bargain and hopefully get it tomorrow, on next day delivery.