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Fiorenzato F5 Help! Not remotely fine enough?

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  • Fiorenzato F5 Help! Not remotely fine enough?

    Hi Guys

    Just picked up an F5 from someone on ebay and according to seller, this unit has barely been used (and certainly looks like it), yet I can't seem to grind fine enough. We have espresso grind stuff from CS Andy, here at work and the grind is far finer than the F5 is putting out. I have to admit, at this stage, I'm massively disappointed with the F5 - it can barely grind finer than my KG100. I showed my brother the difference between grinds earlier on and couldn't spot the difference in fineness.

    I didn't get a manual so I'm basically winging it, but there is a big dial, which I turn towards "fine". There is a point at which the grinder no longer outputs grounds and the coffee just rattles around the chamber, without every coming out, that to me (my chimp brain on this subject) says that at that point, this the finest grind I can get - is that the case? It's nowhere near good enough.

    Stick in Silvia, extracted out in 5-10 seconds :-(

    Have I bought a lemon?

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    Bit of history here rj, may well be of benefit to you too reopen the thread.