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Faster, cleaner alternative to a Mazzer Mini Electronic ?

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  • Faster, cleaner alternative to a Mazzer Mini Electronic ?

    It's amazing how petty you can become, seems every time i visit my local espresso hardware shop I become more disgruntled with my mini.

    I have two main gripes...

    1. It takes too long, i know it's rather subjective... its a relatively small % of the time compared to the overall coffee production end to end time but i do find myself constantly waiting for the grinder when making multiple coffees for the family.

    2. I pretty much have to dose twice, with a quick tap to lower the grinds, or attempt to do it once and do it mid-flight. Have never fathomed out why apart from the grinds being to 'fluffy' which is ironically probably a good thing in terms of avoiding clumping etc.

    My benchmark seems to be the K10... its way faster and more accurate in delivery, but much more expensive and in terms of size a beast by comparison...

    Any ideas? am I being unrealistic for a home brewer?

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    No your not being Unrealistic. If your reasons for upgrading seem realistic to you, do it. But maybe if there is someone in your local area who has a K10 or kony, you might be able to convince them to bring their grinder over so you could compare the two before thinking about an upgrade.


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      I have a Mini Electronic A and dealt with both issues. For speed you can buy some OEM Super Jolly burrs and change burrs yourself. It took me about 15 minutes and I'm unhandy to say the least. Grind time drops by about 40% and results are great. In terms of mess/overfilling buy a good funnel. I bought mine from Germany ( but funnels from Orphan Espresso also work very well.


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        How about the Macap M4D... Not a monstrous beast on the bench, quite fast and comparable in $ with the Mazzer Mini's. I agree with you on the K10's & Kony's... they are superb grinders, however the next step-up in $$$ and size. Good luck finding the grinder your after...


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          And I will second the M4D. Double dose grind ~ 10.5 seconds. Use an OE funnel, no mess, love it. Would love a big conical................but my marriage is worth more than that by far.......



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            Loving my new to me big conical - Elektra Nino. Comparatively clean, and less than 5 secs to dose 20g.
            Overkill for home? Hell yes, but that's why they call me a snob.


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              Sorry not replied earlier, RL's busy with Xmas approaching.

              At this stage I'm likely to replace the burrs as a 1st stage and see it the speed improves sufficiently. If that works out i'm going to see if it's feasible to improve the exit from the bottom of the chute. Watching the internals I can see that the grinds get caught a lot and don't get a clean delivery... I might invest in something PTFE sheeting to see if it resolves the problem.