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  • First time buying a coffee Grinder

    Hi, does anyone have any suggestions for a good grinder that's under $150? This is my first time buying a grinder and I am not very informed on this. I have read reviews for the Sunbeam EM0440 and Breville BCG450 but it seems that both of these machines do not produce a fine grind. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    Well you could get a Spong in reasonable condition, if you're lucky/patient?

    As far as electric grinders go, I'm not sure if your budget is quite there for a 'good' grinder. I'm not going to label this range of grinders, lest it unleashes countless derision, but it's probably best to suggest this is very much the low (bottom) end of the grinder spectrum, in terms of budget, reliability, etc... with no particular grinder standing out as a 'must have'.
    At USD$245- plus postage you could get an OE Pharos- a manual grinder, but certainly a 'good' grinder, by popular choice.

    At the very least, if you bought a Pharos and decided it wasn't for you, it would sell readily. (They rarely if ever come up for sale secondhand) and you'd most likely get most of your money back.

    As an aside, if you could provide a little more information on what/why you are buying this grinder and what your specific needs/requirements/use, etc it would make it easier to make a meaningful suggestion.


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      The EM0480 and the EM0450 both grind well for espresso, and certainly good enough for any other style of coffee. There can be an issue with them for the early models where the grind isn't fine enough but 10 minutes work with a thin washer (a shim) and Voila! all fixed. Apparently the newer version are fixed before leaving Sunbeam.

      I have both the above - the 480 does mine and the 450 does the decaf for the missus. Mine grinds at about 12 for espresso and the 450 grinds about 20 for the decaf - so plenty of adjustment room.


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        I need one to use with my coffee plunger. Between the sunbeam and breville, which one would be better?


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          If it's for a plunger you don't need a very fine grind anyway, so I would expect either of the available Breville or Sunbeam models you're looking at to be suitable. Alternatively, consider the Baratza Encore?

          There was a used one on the hardware for sale forum here recently.

          Good luck


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            Send a PM to TampIt. He makes plunger coffee using an EM0480 for iced coffees and to use with ice cream drinks. With 40 years in the coffee trade I'd be pretty sure he would have used a Breville at some point. I haven't had a plunger drink in several years & I wasn't grinding my own in those days.


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              The burr mechanism in the EM440 is identical to the EM0450 and EM0480, probably the motor too. The rest of the components are cheaper (ie. the housing). I had a EM0450 for years and pounded the hell out of it, so can say it was sturdy and solid as anything. You should be able to pick up a second hand one of either of these from Gumtree or EvilBay or the FS section of this website fairly easily.

              I haven't had to use shims personally, but did discover my EM0450 for example was factory shipped with 3 shims. It easily grinds fine enough (even on 10) to choke any espresso machine.


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                Alrighty! Thanks!


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                  I think the EM0440 has one fairly significant difference to the 450 or 480 - the upper burr is fixed to the assembly - in the 450 and 480 the upper burr can be easily removed from the upper assembly.

                  I don't have a 440 but there was a thread on here a while back where the difference was mentioned. Not sure if it matters for plunger level grinds...


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                    Has any of you guys used De'Longhi KG100? I really just want one that's not going to die on me so quickly so I can get my money worth


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                      I suspect the sunbeam models mentioned are better than the little delonghi. Haven't used one myself but had a friend who used one for plunger and said it was ok. (That was his sole grinding experience mind you)

                      Really if I were you I'd be looking out for a used em0480 there's usually heaps on gumtree, evil bay and the FS forum here. They're pretty good value and generally highly regarded at the lower end of burr grinders. Even if you end up with a lemon, it's like a 5 minute fix to improve it with a shim kit

                      Doo eet.


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                        Originally posted by Michellejyh View Post
                        Has any of you guys used De'Longhi KG100? I really just want one that's not going to die on me so quickly so I can get my money worth
                        Yes, and I wouldn't.

                        Unless you're a fan of mud.


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                          Used to be able to get a Gaggia MDF from DiBella - with free shipping too! But that was a while ago... Not sure if that offer is still on the table. However it is a solid and reliable grinder (even if it is a bit messy)


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                            The MDF was for $150 by the way - somehow missed putting that in the last post