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Fiorenzato T80 burr sizes...

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  • Fiorenzato T80 burr sizes...

    Hi guys, i managed to pick up a used Fiorenzato T80 and before i even start grinding i can see the burrs need to be replaced. This is where the problem arises...

    I have pulled out my vernier calipers and measured the dimensions of the current burrs:
    63mm Outside Diameter x 38mm Inside Diameter 9.5mm thick (the same as the ones found on Fiorenzato Grinder Burrs - Espresso Parts)

    Now, i would like to support the locals so i had a look at commercial link removed per site posting policy and they have the same dimensions which is great but i need to be a wholesaler to buy directly from them :/

    So i have a look at Coffee Parts | Grinder Blades / Burrs and the only right hand burrs in 63mm for the Fiorenzato is 9mm thick! argh!!! (if i go through the grinder schematic to select burrs it returns the same item code). So did stuff up or does a Fiorenzato 63mm Outside Diameter x 38mm Inside Diameter 9mm thick burr really exist? has anyone else bought replacement burrs for their Fiorenzato T80 from coffeeparts and how did it go? (im thinking that if they are shallow i might not be able to get a fine enough grind).
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    Pretty sure that the original burr-plates are 9.5mm thick...

    Might be worth contacting either Pedro or Cilinia (at Coffee Parts) and ask them to check for you. They are great people and very helpful, especially to CSers...

    Wega and Compak use the same burr types and sizes...
    And maybe, the total of 1.0mm in height can be taken up by winding the burr carrier down further, if you're stuck for getting them from anywhere else.
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      Ok! the replacement burrs are here from coffee parts, they have accidentally mislabeled the thickness of the burrs on their site so they were the correct size!

      Now i think im running into another problem!

      I had a bit of a play with the grinder to see how well the burrs marry once the top burr is lowered to contact the lower burr. Well it seems that i have a high spot!

      I dismantled the burr and burr burr holder to try and determine where the problem lies. Thankfully the shaft is spinning dead straight without burr holder and burrs attached but i have noticed that there is a fair bit of radial play between the motor shaft and burr holder. To compound the problem, the burr holder is attached to the shaft using the central bolt with a convex tension washer (and as the washer moves around while tightening, im getting the burr carrier seating in a different position every time, hence the high spots).

      Am i being too pedantic here, do everyone's burrs match up evenly when adjusted down or should i be using a bushing of some sort to close the radial gap between the burr holder and the central shaft? should i be maybe removing the central tension washer as it contributing to free-play in the burr holder?

      can i compensate for the uneven burrs by shimming them with some aluminum foil?