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Mazzer mini e vs Compak k3 touch

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  • Mazzer mini e vs Compak k3 touch

    Hi guys,

    I am mulling over a mazzer mini e vs Compak k3 touch. I am purchasing an Alex duetto I (thanks lukemc) and roast my own beans in a hottop (thanks dibartolli). How much better is the mazzer for the price please help. I make about 30 coffees a week.

    cheers Rob

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    There is a very good review out there in coffee land ( I can't remember if its on here or HB ) about the mini v k3.

    I've had mini's and k3's ( hoping to buy another k3 ATM ) and they do pretty much the same thing. Some people just love the Mazzer, others the K3. For the extra you'll pay for the mini e, you won't know the difference except for your wallet being a lot lighter.

    You could nearly buy 2 k3's for a mini e ( I think ). But in the cup you won't be able to tell the difference..

    That's just my opinion ( and like arseholes everyone has their own )




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      The critical difference is digital timer (works) v analogue timer (works- sorta). With a Compak in timed mode you will see variation and may need to top up manually.

      Digital timers are more complex in a grinder and you pay more accordingly. A Commodore and and an Audi both get you to the shops. It's your choice as to how you travel.


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        Thanks for the help,

        I've been reading doing a bit of talking, I have been told that the mazzers perhaps have a better build quality, and the stepless markings are more precise (haven't yet seen for myself). It looks like I may be driving a second hand audi rather than a new Commodore. I have found a second hande Mazzer E electronic for 750 with less than 200 shots.

        Cheers Rob