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    Hi brothers... looking for some cleaning advice.

    I have acquired a La Cimbali Max that's in a bit of mess. Much like this one here -

    What's the best way to make it sparkle? Soaking in a cleaning solution? Scrubbing with a wire brush? Are there different methods for different metals?

    Thanks dudes

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    I don't know that particular grinder, but you might find some useful tips on Youtube, I have a K3 Push and youtube had a terrific 10 min clip on how to clean it.


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      As far as I understand, water on grinding burrs is a no-no. The hopper and other accessories you can use soapy water, but burrs is dry, soft brush only (wire brush might dull the burrs).

      Personally I just use a soft brush and a chopstick to push out the caked-on stuff.


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        Thanks for the advice. This stuff is really caked on so I thought that soaking in some puly caff or similar would be the best option. Didn't realise water was a no no. I guess I'll get some brushes with hard nylon bristles and some elbow grease and hope for the best!


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          I think hot water would be Ok, with some Cafetto or similar...

          Just need to clean the burrs and/or carrier while they're hot so that when you set them aside to dry, the intrinsic heat of each component will vaporise any residual water from them fairly quickly, and then you can reassemble...



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            On the subject of cleaning grinders, has anyone heard of using rice to clean the burrs? This came up when I googled grinder cleaning


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              It's been the subject of discussion several times over!

              If you enter 'rice' into the search bar you will get some reading material.

              Use "Grindz" to clean your grinder.


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                + to the rice if you do not have access/funds to Grindz tablets.

                No need to do this if you plan on removing the burrs though. I alsways use the dry brush method and tooth picks to get into tight spaces.


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                  -1 for rice under any circumstances. Keep it for curries.

                  Either pull the grinder down and do the job properly or use a product formulated for the job.

                  Alternately, we're happy to clean the aftermath and get them going- at our usual rates.