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Rocky burr alignment

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  • Rocky burr alignment

    Hi all,

    I recently replaced my well worn Rancilio Rocky burrs and now my grinder needs to be dialled right down to 3-4 to get a decent shot, and the taste isn't quite right. Previously i was using grind settings between 8-11. I have triple checked the zero point so I suspect the burr alignment is out?

    Does anyone have tips on how to accurately align the burrs?

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    Were the new burrs genuine Rancillio or aftermarket? while the aftermarket replacements are a few dollars cheaper they are nowhere near as good, or long lasting as the real thing.

    Rancillio burrs are stamped with the logo.

    I could be wrong, but don't think there is any adjustment for alignment.


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      Genuine. They definitely have the logo on them and they were purchased from a site sponsor.

      There seemed to be a little play in how the burrs sit in the carrier, so I'm wondering if I just didn't get them quite centred. There's some discussions around about faulty alignment from the factory, but nothing about bad alignment after burr replacement. :-(

      I'll pull it apart again this weekend to have another look. I was just hoping someone had experienced the same already and had some tips!