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  • Compak K3T query

    Been using a breville SG which came with my Bes920 and been getting good grinds but jumped at the opportunity when a used K3T came available.

    First use - absolutely coarse grinds so I opened it up to check the burrs which looked good but had heaps of coffee stuck everywhere so have it a good clean.

    Round two - much better grinds and yet to fine tune but seems like the SG can get it as good if not better. Also noticed that when switched to automatic, I can't seem to get the timer to work.

    I'm wondering if someone can help me troubleshoot the timer and also give me a guide on how fine my grinds should be? I'm getting about 11 bars with the bes920 and good coffee at its current setting but still looks rather coarse. All help and info appreciated!

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    Hi Boontsien,

    I too had a similar issue when I purchased by my Rocket Giotto and K3T a few months back.

    Have you tried the finest setting?

    Only make very small adjustments at one time?

    If you have tried this maybe have a go at the following.....

    I would have wasted ad least a kg of beans as I was unable to get the grind fine enough.

    On the K3T you will notice on the black adjustment collar there are three black bolts and one silver cap. Under the silver cap there is a bolt that prevents the grinder burrs rubbing against one another.

    Just to test and see if it helps, I took off the silver cap and removed the safety bolt. With the power off, I then moved the adjustment collar till the burrs meshed, then backed it off so they were not touching (very important). Power back on and then tested, straight away the grind improved 100%. But I didn't like not having the safety bolt in position as someone could over adjust and damage it. I then noticed with the black adjustment collar I was able to take out the 3 black bolt and rotate the collar one bolt position, and still have more than enough space of placing back the silver safety bolt back in position.

    I have been using mine for 3 months now and it has been fantastic!!


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      A separate issue but looks like your OPV needs adjusting. It shouldn't hit 11 bar even with a blind. Should be around 9.5 bar. It's nothing major but you would hope the machine is set correctly / checked at the factory.



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        Seliz, sounds like I need to use it a little more. I have 'calibrated' it but rotating clockwise ti make sure the burrs aren't touching, turning the machine on then turning it counter clockwise this time til I hear the burrs touching (with care) and used that as a starting point. Grinds are getting better each time I use it but have to say the BSG is pretty darn good for it's price.

        Artman, read the pressure guage wrong and I was getting to about 10 bar and not 11 so that might be allright.

        Unfortunately, my automatic timer still doesn't work but am happy to just hold the handle til the basket fills up.