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Good < $300 grinder - please help!

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  • Good < $300 grinder - please help!

    Hello everyone,

    I am a first time poster and have only just discovered this website! I am looking for a grinder to purchase which will be used primarily for espresso, but also filter. My current grinder does not grind fine enough for espresso.

    I'd really appreciate it if anyone has a grinder in this price range would recommend theirs.

    Thank you

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    Can you stretch? You're close to K3 territory and there's nothing under 300 I'd recommend if you can scratch together a little more.


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      Hi, I just bought a Breville smart grinder there $299 and it grinds super fine for espresso. You can also get a free shim kit to make grind finer but seriously its not needed


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        Bought an Isomac granmachinino for espresso. Will grind very fine. Not a lot of people mention them on here but I like mine. Doserless, compact, stepped in very small increments.

        Bought it second hand for 200. new 380.
        the "professional" is new for about 280. Probably get one second hand for half that. It has more plastic parts and a chute that may retain more grounds. Not sure about that though.


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          Another one that I'd have no hesitation in recommending, is the Lelit PL043... I used to own one

          Punches way above its weight in output quality but would be slower than a Compak K3, I'm not familiar with the Isomac but expect it would be similar. Definitely a better build quality than any of the appliance grinders out there...



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            I'm tossing up between the Lelit and the idea which one I should go for, though. I want something that will do filter as well as espresso. Time to look at more reviews! Thank you everyone!


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              Thank you for your help all! I ended up going for the Macap M2M, supplied by one of the sponsors of the site, Casa Espresso. I had to stretch the budget a little but it was worth it, and I can recommend the service. Cheers!


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                Glad you managed to get sorted with a great grinder. I'm in a similar position to what you were in. I would like to make this grinder purchase last a good 10 years but I'm working with a limited budget of up around $300.

                After many long months taking ebay , Gumtree and the hardware for sale thread I'm just having no luck.

                Perhaps I'm being a bit picky limiting my search to a k3 or m2m? Should I be considering other grinders?


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                  BARATZA PRECISO
                  Got mine from 5senses


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                    Can't see the value. Just haggle a Breville Smart grinder.


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                      Some have reported the new Breville 820 "pro" on sale for $199. I have been happy with mine (800), very functional and mess free. Great value at that price.



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                        Originally posted by alextrippa View Post
                        BARATZA PRECISO Got mine from 5senses
                        You should be very wary of the Baratza's . I got a Preciso about a year ago. I had to re-calibrate it to the lowest internal adjustment, and set it quite low on the external scale to grind fine enough for espresso. Over the last few months I have had to set it lower still to get the same results.

                        Now, with the warranty about to run out, I am down to the second lowest setting, and at the present rate of decline, it will run out of adjustment a few weeks ( a few months at most ) after the warranty has ended.

                        I had an accident while cleaning it - dropped the removable burr on the kitchen floor and broke the plastic burr holder. I could not get an answer from the 5Senses web site contact page or their Email, and had to import one from Baratza USA.

                        The portafilter holder accessory is useless, and the press button switch on the front is so stiff that the machine slides backwards across the bench, or falls over before it operates.

                        All in all - NOT what I would expect from a $300+ grinder.


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                          [QUOTE=Talk_Coffee;528719]Can't see the value. Just haggle a Breville Smart grinder.[/QUOTE

                          I crossed the breville of the last after reading too many negative reviews. Particularly with regard to their longevity. There is also resale value to consider.

                          What is the general consensus around the smart grinder after 1 or 2 years? Perhaps it is worth another look. But my current opinion is a second hand k3 is worth and extra 100 or so.


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                            Agreed on a K3. Precisio/Breville? Same same. Both entry level appliances- just the Precisio is not discounted.


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                              Originally posted by Rumble111 View Post
                              I would like to make this grinder purchase last a good 10 years but I'm working with a limited budget of up around $300.
                              Originally posted by Rumble111 View Post
                              There is also resale value to consider.
                              To be honest; '$300, '10 years' use and 'resale value' don't really belong in the same sentence ( yeah I know... it's two ;-). Be wary of reviews, there are thousands of Breville Smarts
                              in the market place, comparatively few negative reports (relative to numbers). Often posted by people with an axe to grind rather than by competent
                              industry professionals who don't like them.

                              Stretching your budget or saving a few more dollars might be a better option, especially for the 10 year life span.

                              $300 / 10 = $30/year. if you double that to 60/year then you're really in the zone..... Macap M4??? 10 years + resale value !! :-D

                              K3 at least tho'.