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    My grinder clogged up and started to make some strange noises as if there was a small pebble stuck in it, so I pulled the burr apart and cleaned it as I would normally. Upon doing this I found a small felt washer at the very bottom of the burr which had disintergrated. This is not a part which is listed on the breville web site and I was wondering if it can be replaced. As I cannot use the grinder without it.

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    Hi biss,
    do you mean the upper burr (easily removed with the bucket - like handle) or the lower conical burr? If the lower burr, then metal shims are available for free via the enquiry form on the breville website. If the upper, I would still email them as they tend to be pretty rapid and helpful with responses.


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      Read the existing 25 page BSG thread the felt is mentioned plenty.


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        Hi Sam,
        No it is the part beneath the conical burr right at the bottom.


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          Here's the link to the SG thread. I can't find the pages where it talks about the felt washer but from memory everything works OK when you put it all back together after cleaning it all out. A great resource for all things SG otherwise too.


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            I just disassembled my SG to install the shims and there was no felt washer under the conical burr. So they may have deleted it in later builds.