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sunbeam EM 0480 service life?

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  • sunbeam EM 0480 service life?

    No doubt there will be some on the forum that would suggest that brand new a sunbeam 0480 gives at best marginal service.

    I have had mine about 3 years (1-2 coffees a day)recently I have noticed that the grind has to be set finer it gave reasonable results at 9 when new and now it is set on 4.

    Also the coffee doesn't seem as good as I remember.

    My first thoughts are the grinder is wearing out.

    What are peoples thoughts on repair, replace or upgrade?

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    I'd look at repair. Check the burrs and see if they still look sharp on the edges. If so, maybe get a shim and use it to reset the grind back up the scale a bit.

    I am sure there will be some that agree about the 'marginal' service but mine makes better coffee than almost any café and it's probably older than yours and a bit more use.

    How often do you clean it? Every so often I think it's good to take off the shield above the sweep arms and give it a good clean out; I've noticed the normal clean doesn't really get the old grounds out of the corners although it does clear the path.

    Something else to check is your process. It can be easy to have things slip just a little (e.g. consistency of dose or tamp pressure) and that affects the coffee as well. Maybe double check your grind weight and tamp pressure on scales to make sure they aren't the cause of changes?


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      I've had mine for slightly over 3 years, and I find that the settings do tend to wander a little bit after I take it apart to clean it. I'm using it now for french press, but last I used it for espresso I was at 4 or so as well. I would suggest taking it apart completely and giving it a good brush and vacuum, coffee seems to taste best to me after i give it a good clean