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    Hi all,

    I've have an AeroPress (got an Able fine disk from BeanBay!) at the moment and a second hand La Pavoni Europiccola coming in the mail. I'm looking at grinders at the moment.

    Does anyone have an experience with the knock hausgrind?

    I'm also considering other hand grinders (less than $300 - no HG One :P) second hand electric grinders. I've read a bit about the OE Pharos, but that design looks like a pain to use. The hausgrind is also a better form factor to take into work for the AeroPress if I feel like it. I don't know what types of coffee I like best, possibly blends.

    I've talked to Espresso Unplugged (CS Sponsor) and Greg said they are interested in getting them at some point, but don't have any at the moment.

    As a side note: If other people are looking at getting them we could probably organise a group buy, but shipping from madebyknock is so inexpensive that there is probably not much point!

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    I ended up getting a Baratza Preciso. I might get a hausgrind once they are available. We'll see.