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  • Taking first steps into a wider world....

    Morning all,

    Much to my wife's displeasure, I'm gradually starting to get more and more into the idea of fresh coffee and would like some advice.

    For our wedding we were given a Sunbeam espresso vita, and while my wife does not drink coffee, I do. Up until about a week ago, I had been buying pre ground coffee from the supermarket, however work has me travelling (the coffee machine came with me too) and where I am at the moment has a small cafe/food shop that does nice coffee and is open after I've finished work.

    So now on my desk at my accommodation is the coffee machine and some cafe ground coffee. My untrained pallet can tell that the fresh ground coffee is better than the supermarket stuff I have been drinking and it makes me start to think about getting a grinder.

    This is where the question arises.

    I normally drink one coffee in the morning, usually in a travel mug that I drink while driving to work (and however long is left once I get to work). I will sometimes drink another one in the evening while at the computer or doing one of my various hobbies.

    My initial thought is to buy a small hand grinder (porlex, Hario or similar) and use that, but my research seems to be divided on if this will produce an appropriatly even grind for espresso.

    My other thought is to acquire a smart grinder or the 0480 and go with that. (the other thing that I worry about with electric grinders is the coffee machine wakes the wife normally as I usually leave early and I suppose the grinder would do the same - not an issue at the moment due work, but will become a problem at some point)

    Thanks for your advice, and thanks for putting up with another newbie :P

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    Given that you're talking hand grinders, you might hit up Talk_Coffee to see what the go is with him stocking Lido 2 hand grinders.

    Probably your best bet for espresso in the sub-200 grinder segment.


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      screw the Lido, when is someone going to stock the Pharos???


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        Originally posted by Hildy View Post
        screw the Lido, when is someone going to stock the Pharos???
        Pass....We're a prototype free zone.


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          Hi P
          I read your post with interest and am having a quiet chuckle to myself. Buy yourself a reasonable quality grinder (you can be advised from more knowledgable than as too which one but I'd prefer electric and there are several to choose from), grind your beans in the room farthest from your sleeping wife and enjoy every moment of your freshly ground and expressed coffee. And, if you're like just about everyone else, grinding your coffee will be just the beginning because next you'll be roasting your own green beans, upgrading your expresso machine and enjoying every minute of your latest hobby or 'indulgence'. One thing you should know is that a grind/er can also impact on the taste of your coffee. My tuppence worth


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            Originally posted by alyosius View Post
            Morning all,

            Much to my wife's displeasure, ................
            Welcome to Cs alyosius!!

            Looks like your on a bit of a solitary journey, for now?!!

            As advised to someone else with a noise issue....... get an extension lead and go out to the shed, the street, or to the neighbour's! ;-)

            In reality, the grinder will be on for about 12 or so seconds, depending on which one you buy
            and how much you grind.

            Given that you're already making a racket, it will only add a bit more 'texture'
            to your wife's dream life and if you're a diligent husband you will learn to pleasure your wife before
            you indulge yourself and if you can operate in continual credit you may well find yourself
            with as much kitchen bling as you want! ;-)


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              Originally posted by chokkidog View Post
              Welcome to Cs alyosius!!

              Looks like your on a bit of a solitary journey, for now?!!
              Very much a solitary journey, my wife does not like coffee at all. (Though progress is being made, she couldn't stand the smell of it 12 months ago)

              I take your point about the grinder being on for only 15s or so, (and after we move in a couple of months I won't be getting up at 5am so there is a chance she will be awake I suppose)

              On that note, would you say the current BCG820 is worth ~$100 more than the EM0480?
              Good guys have a sale on and after some discussion should be able to get EM0480 for ~$160 or BCG820 ~$250 and don't know if the extra is justified.

              I've still not totally gone off the idea of the porlex, but am starting to see the benefits of an electric grinder


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                It might be beyond your budget but I'm pretty sure TampIt said his Mahlkonig Vario Gen 2 grinder is very quiet. Maybe PM him about it? I haven't stood beside the BCG820 but the EM0480 is noisy. Admittedly she is in the next room but it always wakes the missus and I get a sleepy wife trundling out chanting "coffee? coffee? coffee?" every time I try for an early morning brew.

                She also never liked coffee (although did like the smell of beans) until I made her a decaf (she's sensitive to caffeine) and now she loves the stuff. Can't stand the café decaf though - most of them don't do fresh ground and of those who do she finds only 1 does anything drinkable.


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                  The BCG820 is a LOT quieter than the EM480. Seriously, a LOT.

                  Is it $100 quieter?


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                    And also negligible/no mess, as well as increased functionality.



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                      Of course, the Portaspresso (look at commercial link removed per site posting policy and threads on here) produces very good espresso, and NO noise. I use exclusively at home and travelling. My La Pavoni Professional is used only for visitors who want milk
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