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  • Rocky problem

    Hi all it's been a while between posts, but luckily not between coffees!

    My Rancillio Rocky doser models has been working brilliant for a few years, but lately when you pull the doser handle/arm the part inside that turns to push out the coffee hasn't been turning even though you pull handle. When pulling the doser handle/arm it works all the time until up until the last 10%of the coffee. You can spin the part inside but the handle/arm won't move it.
    Does this make sense?? I pull it apart the day to see if I could see why but couldn't see it.
    It's strange it turn to get 90% of the coffee out just not the last of 10%
    Any ideas??

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    Just got time to pull Rocky apart easy fix in the end, was just a broken Pawl Stop Spring thanks Coffeeparts!
    Don't u hate it when u are too lazy to look into something then when u donuts a super easy fix then u kick yourself why u didn't do it earlier

    Almost fixed now just waiting in part