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  • Hario Slim with Silvia

    I'd like to share my experience using a Hario Slim with a Silvia V1 PID.

    Silvia V1 with Auber PID set to pre-infusion, soak, 24.5 seconds shot, temp 100-105 deg C, preheated for 30 minutes
    Beans - Whithams Zimbabwe Crake Valley Estate roasted on the 16th May.
    Operator - coffee novice!

    My normal electric grinder broke down and I had to use my Hario Slim. I initially set the Hario by rotating the adjuster nut until the burrs contacted (clockwise), then rotated the nut anti-clockwise until I felt a click. I started at 3 and worked my way to 7 clicks from burrs contacting.

    Note: To reset the grinder, I first adjusted it back to contacting (0) and then wound it open. I found there was variation in the grind size if I simply incremented the gap.

    +3 choked
    +4 choked
    +5 flow but very bitter
    +6 success!
    +7 too fast

    Photos of my process.

    I'd appreciate any comments regarding the grinding consistency of the Hario. To my inexperienced eyes the grind looked consistent. It certainly felt fluffy with minimal clumps.

    The puck was a bit soft. When knocked out it broke cleanly in half - certainly not a firm biscuit.
    I had lightly tamped 18g into the basket. Pullman tamp with a matching ridged Synesso double basket.

    The espresso was pretty tasty but I feel there is definitely room for improvement.
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    Hario Slim Mod

    I have been having some fun with my Hario and the Silvia. I was getting a double in 24.5 sec (+ pre-infusion) almost all weekend. Yesterday my pour was out - too fast. I tightened the Hario one "click" and ended up choking the Silvia.

    There was not sufficient adjustment between "clicks" on the Hario nut. As per other forums, I simply replaced the Hario wing nut with a stainless steel washer and matching Nyloc nut to introduce "step-less" adjustment.

    It took two shots to dial the gap. Each "click", or nub, on the Hario wing nut is equivalent to 45 degrees rotation.

    This is one of the simplest modifications I have ever done. The added benefit is that adjustment is less likely to loosen with use as the Nyloc is much more secure.
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