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First 2 Weeks With My M4D

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  • First 2 Weeks With My M4D

    Morning all,
    I have been debating about sharing my recent purchase of a Macap M4D as so many before me have made the exact same upgrade. This morning after a couple of kick starters I have decided I should share my experience.
    A while back I decided that I wanted to upgrade from my EM0480 to a Mini-E, then I thought that I would spend a bit less and go for the K3P, then I decided I did in fact want a Mini-E, then I thought the SJ-E was a better option and then...What about a M4D?
    All through this process I read all the related (and unrelated) threads I could find on Coffeesnobs which proved very helpful and insightful. I was stuck between M4D and Super Jolly but leaning towards the SJ-E and being in Tassie, not being able to get my hands on either machine in the flesh didn't help. I gave Chris @Talk Coffee a call to discuss the two grinders and was happy to pay extra for the SJ if it represented $200 greater quality. I'm very appreciative of Chris' helpful insights and willingness to share his experience/knowledge. Not many days after the call I had a M4D sitting on my bench thanks to Talk Coffee and had some beans running through that weren't flying everywhere.
    I had a decent system working to minimise mess from the 0480 but the M4D is proving to be so much cleaner. Because of all the other posts similar I do not need to discuss the benefits of flavour in the cup...WOW! or the consistency of grind... EVERY TIME! or the bling on the bench... BLING BLING! I bought an extra kilo of coffee to dial in the grind and due to being so simple to dial in out of the box I have had a lot of extra coffee this last fortnight.
    Some extra clumps/lumps(not hard!) in the first Kilo of coffee through but continually improving and I'm thinking it was more me finding the perfect grind for the bean/bean age post roast rather than the grinder.
    I am convinced I would have loved the SJ-E if I went for it instead but do not wish to change this grinder until upgraditis inevitably hits.
    Thanks for your help in choosing this grinder and I have added a pic in case you haven't seen enough M4D's.
    Click image for larger version

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    Cheers, Andy

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    Great story Andy...

    Yep, the M4D is a terrific home grinder and will probably outlast your obsession...



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      Thanks Mal, it sure is solid.


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        Congrats andybean,

        The M4D remains my all time fave grinder <$1.5k. I feel they offer brilliant bang for buck. They rarely get sold 2nd hand and there's good reason for that.

        Many think that they compete with the Mazzer Mini-E, but they outperform the Mazzer SJ-E. The only reasons you'd go a SJ-E is that you like it, are enamoured by the stainless dregs tray or are regularly changing grind in a big way (manual methods).




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          Thanks a lot Chris.

          I am very impressed with the unit, really love the worm drive for fine adjustments.


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            have one and love it
            the worm drive is excellent in allowing you to make really minute adjustments if ever you needed it

            I've removed the hopper on mine and basically just put in whatever beans are needed each time I use it
            (cover the hole with a spare 58mm basket)


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              Congrats on the new purchase, Andy. I'm interested in these as well, particularly the automatic feature. Have you used this? Is it consistent? Have you weighed the grind to check consistency? I have a k3touch and love this feature but the adjusting knob is in a shocking position and consistency, while good, is not as good as I'd like. The idea of grinding an exact amount each time really appeals to me.


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                Hi Barri.
                Thanks for the congrats!
                I have only started using the timer feature in the last 3 days but unfortunately haven't weighed the dosing accuracy. By eye and the consistency of pours/flavour in the cup I would say it is very accurate and the timer is so simple to adjust. To be honest I didn't comprehend how quickly the grinder, being a smaller flat burr grinder, would dose my double basket which is why I have only just started using the timer function as it is very simple to use the continuous grind setting but I have certainly noticed improved (substantially) consistency since using the timer and appreciate it more now than when I first purchased it.
                Any CS'er with M4D experience please feel free to chime in on this.


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                  Congrats Andy!

                  Wonderful choice and it's great to get a sense of your enthusiasm through your writing!


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                    Thanks Chokki, appreciate it!
                    i have no doubt that you helped in my decision making process with your many helpful posts.


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                      Thanks for your kind words Andy, ........glad to have helped in your journey.
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                        Great to hear of another CSer having a great experience with a M4D and from the same CS sponsor too. I am entering my 3rd month with mine and couldn't be happier. An upgrade from a BSG, the difference in the cup was a big surprise. Ditto for me on ease of dial in. Grind adjustment mechanism is very easy to use and adjust with bean age. It's interesting how different beans vary by different amounts in terms of required fineness increase from start to end of a kilo. I have used the timer from the start. I am not a weigher but am happy with my dosing method. I'd rather waste 0.5-1 gram of coffee than add more steps to the process. I find it takes 2-4 shots to dial in both grind fineness and time when I have new beans. After that, small steps finer with about a 0.2 sec increase in grind time per turn of the worm drive to the finer. Another happy M4D owner here!


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                          Sorry to revive an old thread but it's somewhat on topic!

                          I've been using a DeLonghi KG100, for 8 years, modified internally for a finer grind after I got my Silvia in 2010, and it's now dying after some 12,000 shots. I'm looking to replace it, and was originally thinking of the Compak K3 Touch, but am now noting all the glowing reviews of the Macap M4D.

                          What advantage might I expect to enjoy in stepping up to the M4D from the K3?

                          I've been a home roaster with a Behmor since 2012, and make a couple of double shot piccolos for me, and a double shot and single shot cap for my partner and daughter respectively each morning. I weigh my beans into the grinder for each pour, so significant grind retention would be a problem (the KG100, for all its faults, does not retain grounds noticeably). The coffee that I make with my KG100 tastes much better to me than the coffee made by the cafe nearest to work with a Robur grinder and large commercial espresso machine (I accept that multiple factors are relevant to this comparison!)

                          Thanks in advance for help with this.


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                            Hi artemidorus
                            I don't think you'd ever look back. Fast, consistent, will unlock some great new flavours you never knew your home roasts had (but that might mainly be a new burr set after 8 years!)
                            I had an M4 - cracking grinder, and the the M4D as you mention gets rave reviews as well. Can't go too far wrong in this range.
                            And grind-on-demand grinders is cool too
                            Cheers Matt


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                              Hi artemidorus,

                              I own both a K3 Touch and an M4D (purchased in that order). They're both great, solid grinders. One costs twice as much as the other....the importance of that is only something you can judge. I *think* the M4D does unlock a greater array of flavours (as Matt says), but for my purposes (80% lattes, 20% espresso or long black) the difference is not huge. The programability of the M4D is great (you really don't need to weigh on the way in).

                              From my experience the K3 requires less of a payload to grind consistently....the M4D needs a few more beans in the hopper for ultimate consistency. I'm sure others will disagree, however.

                              My K3 is at work and the M4D is my every day home grinder.