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Wega Max grinding too coarse

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  • Wega Max grinding too coarse

    Hi guys,

    I recently grabbed a second-hand Wega Max (Compak K6/7 equivalent) from a fellow coffeesnob and promptly pulled it apart to clean. Since the clean I've been unable to get it to grind fine enough for espresso. :-(

    When cleaning I removed the doser & unscrewed the top burr carrier, but didn't remove either burr or move the bottom burr carrier. Somehow I think the burrs are misaligned though, because even with the burrs just off touching I can't get a fine grind. I've unscrewed and rescrewed the top carrier numerous times to see if it's crossthreaded, but I'm fairly confident it's on straight.

    Does anyone have any tips on what I might have done?

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    Hi Fruity,

    With the grinder turned off screw the top burr carrier as tight as it will go so the burrs are touching then back it off 1/4 of a turn a try again,
    I used to have a k6 and after cleaning found I would get burr rub at my espresso setting so I used to do the above and it would be ok,
    I also would adjust with the grinder not running,go just past where I want it, then back .

    Are your burrs in good condition ?


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      I've tried going all the way down to burrs touching and backing off less than a quarter turn, but that's still not fine enough.

      The burrs look OK, but I will be ordering replacements soon anyway. However I am certain it was able to grind espresso before I cleaned it.


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        are they touching, or are you hitting the limiter?


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          Check that the threads are absolutely spotless. If it would previously grind espresso and no longer touching, it will be coffee limiting the travel so that you think they're touching when they are not.

          Clean every single thread and lubricate if required. I like dry teflon lube.


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            Originally posted by Hildy View Post
            are they touching, or are you hitting the limiter?
            Touching. Absolutely certain. I can see the bottom burr start to turn with the top when they touch; and I've tightened it as it's spinning down and heard the burrs start to rub.

            So unless they can touch without the actual grinding parts touching I can't see how to get them closer.


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              Any suppliers/workshops in Melbourne or SE suburbs want to take a look? I'm damned if I can find where the issue is.