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Grinder upgrade for BZ99- Iberital Challenge

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  • Grinder upgrade for BZ99- Iberital Challenge

    Hi all,

    I'm currently using an EM0480 for a BZ99 that I purchased second hand. I previously had the EM6910 for about 8 years and it was on it's last legs, steam wasn't as strong and group collar had already been changed. I'm noticing that the steps are too big on the EM0480, it's nosiy and messy. I've been looking at the iberital challenge because of the worm drive. I would love a K3 Touch but can't stretch the budget that far at the moment. Is going to a Iberital Challenge worth while move ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check thread:

    specifically posts #26, #28, #29

    At that price you wouldnt waste your time with the challenge.

    Quote: "...I'm noticing that the steps are too big on the EM0480..." dont know much about em480 but with commercial type grinders such as the tranquillo the steps shouldnt bother you with small adjustments in your technique to suit.


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      Thanks for the info


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        Honestly? Any of this gear is inappropriate for a real espresso machine. To get a quality and consistent grind, you need to spend $450 upwards. Compak K3P/T, Macap M2M or similar.

        If you're looking at a Challenge, you may as well just buy a Smart grinder. The Lido 2 hand grinder will do the job at circa $230- if you're into doing it by hand.