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  • Mazzer grinder care

    Hi all,

    Do you apply grease to the adjustment collar after you have cleaned up your mazzer grinder? I have a very old Robur and the adjustment collar is very stiff to put back after I cleaned up the grinds. Also, how do you realign the adjustment collar?


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    Don't apply grease Tony, attracts coffee grounds and makes a mess, powdered graphite is the go, available from your local hardware store.

    "Realign the adjustment collar" it should not need realigning, just take it easy and line the threads up carefully, they should start without too much difficulty, unless the threads have been cross threaded, then you really do have a problem.


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      Originally posted by Yelta View Post
      powdered graphite is the go
      And if you've not used it before, it bears mention that a little goes a long way.


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        Hi Sagilun
        I clean all the threads with a wooden skewer to get right into the thread, then cotton tips with a little olive oil to grab the rest, then a tissue to wipe it all off. Then a smear of food grade grease on the thread before re-assembling.
        As only the last wind of thread or two and is exposed to grounds - the rest should stay pretty clean even when greased - it is a pretty tight tolerance thread, and a pretty light grease. This way you can also be sure any lube stays where it is put - my limited experiences with graphite is it travels everywhere - but maybe that is just me!
        Cheers Matt


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          Have to agree re graphite Matt, it does tend to migrate, guess the important point is when using grease or graphite, less is more.

          Good idea re the scewer, I use a bronze suede brush then blow any debris out with compressed air.


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            I have found when cleaning / pulling apart gunked up grinders some Isopropyl alcohol and microfiber cloth is very handy along with another damp clean cloth to wipe after.