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Macap M4D - Blown fuse?

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  • Macap M4D - Blown fuse?

    Hi guys,

    This morning I turned on my Macap M4D ready to brew a nice shot of coffee. As soon as I pushed the button for the grinder jammed appeared to have 'jammed' and turned itself off. My thoughts are I might have blown the fuse....

    Any ideas what I should do?

    I've tried unplugging the power source and restarting to no avail.

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    Unplug it. .. test the power socket with another appliance or lamp
    Empty all the beans out.
    Back off the grind adjustment several turns.
    Up end it and shake it to make sure there are no beans of foreign bodies still in there.
    with the hopper off, can you try to turn the motor / burr with your finger or a chop stick. ..yes or no?
    If it turns, plug it in and try again
    If it still doesnt go, and you dont feel confident to delve inside to fault fin, take it to a shop who are familiar with that model.


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      More than likely just choked.

      Simply back off the adjuster by a considerable margin. A quarter of a turn of the collar should be good.

      Then start her up again. These motors produce a lot of torque and with the pressure taken off through backing off the adjuster, it should go pretty much straight up.

      If it was choked it was probably set too fine anyway... If you want to put it back, ONLY adjust it while the grinder is running. And if it was choked you might consider sticking the end of a vacuum cleaner up over the exit shute of the grinder to suck out the fines that may be all stuck together in there.

      There's plenty of time to go through other scenarios of that doesn't work.