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  • Best option on deli grinder

    Hi folks,
    Looking at deli grinders and have the option of a second hand Ditting deli grinder or brand new boema deli grinder for about the same price. Is the Ditting that much better?
    Cheers phill

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    Difficult to answer without proper knowledge of which Bo-Ema grinder you mean.

    The Dittings are unquestionably a great DELI GRINDER and if really using for deli suggest the model with shaker plate would be *better* than the one without (assuming you are loking at KR 804 model).

    However with Bo-Ema the situation clouds. IN the old days when they were still badge engineering Gino Rossi grinders, the "deli" offering was a cafe type grinder (RR45) with the doser unit removed and replaced by an exit shute. OK for small volumes but not for larger volumes.

    In that that case the Ditting which is a purpose built deli grinder is way better.

    However now that Gino Rossi is gone and Bo-Ema have become an importer of Eureka grinders, the situation will be diferent because both the Eureka deli grinders are quite good as well....

    So...depends on what kind of "Bo-Ema" grinder you mean... If its a choice then between a ditting and a eureka, they are both good grinders for the purpose and you need to see if the models you are compariing are actually comparable in size and capacity etc...

    Also, if the price of a used Ditting is comparable to that of a new Bo-Ema, then if it is a eureka it must be the small model, or if they still have stock of the Gino Rossi type they used to have, it will also have mucc smaller capacity than the dittingn(assuming KR 804).... you need to check the capacity of both before buying to satisfy yourslf that you are looking at similar performing equipment.

    hope that helps


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      It does. The boema model is AG1D-ANT


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        I dont recognize that model number so am *assuming* its a eureka rather than a gino rossi. Check that you are comparing apples to apples. If you are....both ditting and eureka are great grinders


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          Really only going to get used a couple if times a week. Just getting some clients wanting ground coffee and not wanting to stuff my mazer or k3 push


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            I'll look more into that thank you


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              Hmm. I found it and it appears to be a $700 grinder- so a modded cafe grinder. The Macap MC4 is a similar grinder.

              These are not in the same street as real bag grinders. I'd buy the Ditting- especially if pricing is similar.
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                Thanks Chris, will lean that way then


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                  When you say you have clients wanting ground coffee and not wanting to stuff your grinder, I would be concerned about that to but more so if you are pumping out ground coffee into a 250g bag in a K3 after a minute MAX it cant be good for the ground coffee or the grinder...

                  Bag grinder for sure!


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                    I checked out book and it said 2 min running with 10 min rest. Very time consuming and only had to do it twice. Hence sourcing bag grinder


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                      I feel and might be wrong but running a K3 (which I have) for that long is only going to heat up the burrs which in turn heat up the ground coffee.
                      The Ditting works well, its worth the money new or second hand, if you require it for what you are saying.


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                        Ok I have just taken a look....

                        Hmm....a used Ditting (assuming KR804) vs a new Bo-Ema grinder (which is the old RR45 type Gino Rossi in newer livery) for similar price....

                        Its a no brainer, and if you don't buy the ditting, you have assuredly made the wrong decision

                        There are all the usual caveats of course with regard to buying used equipment to make sure it is all good...


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                          Snagged the ditting for a decent price thanks guys. Got the one with shaker plate


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                            Excellent grinder, and the right choice. Happy to help.

                            Now smell for residue of use with the dreaded FLAVOURED coffee beans and do a test grind and make coffee to see how the plates are...


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                              Dead right TOK. Stinks of a mix of caramel and vanilla with a hint of hazelnut seems to grind well. Have pics of 3 different grinds and of plates (I'm not that clued in as to how plates are meant to look). What's the best way to get rid of flavoured residue? Clean off hopper etc and run a kg of beans through?? Happy with grinder regardless Click image for larger version

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