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  • Mazzer Mini E PF holder

    Thought it might be time to give something back. When I came across this forum, whilst looking for better beans, I thought I was satisfied with my Saeco super automatic. I then found a 2nd hand Behmor on here and have been happily roasting greens from BB for a little while now with great success - thanks to everyone here! Now thanks to Renzo @ DiBartoli I also have an ECM Technika IV Profi and Mazzer Mini E. Then just for fun I made myself the bean cooler bucket with the exhaust fan and stainless sieve. Also got the datalogger and track all my roasts with Andy's software. So if you add that all up - I have a lot of gratitude for this site.

    One of the many things I liked about the Technika was the beautiful quality PF's. After about a week I noticed some little scratches on the bottom caused by the PF holder on the Mini. I was also getting a little annoyed that if you didn't hold the PF it would vibrate off the holder. My main concern was looking after the Technika PF's. After a few attempts with different ideas that didn't work - I found a product called Plasti Dip and it works a treat! Comes in all colours too. I found it at Autopro for $30. It adds like a rubber coating, as the picture on the can, think about the handles of most of your hand tools.
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    Very nice and subtle mod...