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  • Messy grinder - Eureka Mignon

    has anyone come up with a mod or a way of reducing the mess from the mignon?

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    Hi SOB, welcome to CS.

    If the Eureka is messy is running two threads on the same topic!! ;-) Maybe the mods'll tidy it up?

    Look forward to reading more posts about your coffee world.

    A great way to introduce yourself is here....:

    cheers. :-D


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      Its similar to many other good grind on demand grinders, where an open shute drops coffee into a group handle...cant help it.

      I gather you are new to the grinder, and you will learn to manage it over time and your mess will get a lot less.


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        The Coffee Catcha will assist with this issue: Coffee Catcha | Talk Coffee


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          Originally posted by SOB View Post
          has anyone come up with a mod or a way of reducing the mess from the mignon?
          As TOK said, you just need to develop a technique that results in a "clean" area.
          How are you dosing ? .. Not by over filling and scraping off the heap of excess i hope ? ...that doesnt work well with "on demand" grinders.
          Are you single dosing ?..or just guessing ?
          What is causing the mess ?.. the grinder discharge missing the PF ,? or grinds falling off the edge of the PF when its full ?
          Either way , something like the Catcha can help...or even just a section cut from a yogurt pot to fit the PF and extend up to near the grinder chute.


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            Hi All
            yes I am new to this forum so thanks for all your replies and patience - sorry Chokkidog about the accidental double post!!

            And yes i have new grinder the Eureka as I I replaced my Rocky and ECM Giotto to reduce my overall bench space and now have the setup below. I really like the look of the Coffee Catcha (thanks Talk Coffee) and thanks to TOK and blend52 for your advice - I am experiencing some clumping but have started grinding into a tin which helps - I was hoping to be able to grind direct to the basket - anyway will keep looking at it and will get a Cacthca - thanks again all for your advice.
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              I would get a OE Aluminum Portafilter Dosing Funnel, Its not to expensive and works well...............another option is cut a hole in a yogurt container.


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                Originally posted by SOB View Post
                - I am experiencing some clumping but have started grinding into a tin which helps - I was hoping to be able to grind direct to the basket - .
                There is too much talk and concern over "clumping" in my experience.
                Even if you dont use any of the fancy "distribution" techniques ( WDT, Chop, Progressive tamp, etc etc)...then, simple "settling taps" will take care of them normally. And any that are left seem to crumble under the tamper !
                The main reason for mess when grinding direct into the basket from my experience is that 20 gms of fluffy fresh grinds, will way overflow from a 20 gm basket ( especially if there are clumps !). This is where a dosing funnel earns it keep..
                ....but an equally effective solution is a $0.02 plastic drink cup ( clear is neat) from a kids party, with the bottom cut off at the 57mm diameter point, such that it sits neatly inside the top of the basket.
                You can then trim the top to whatever height suits your grinder set up, ..and dose cleanly into the basket.
                A few settling "wraps" onto a tamper mat will settle the puck down nicely into the basket...then remove the "funnel" , ..and tamp. ! ..No mess ! (and no cost !)
                If you are still concerned with clumps, you can mix them up using a tooth pick in the basket before tamping.


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                  I use IDR by Costas of Sweden with my Eureka Mignon Manual. Some WDT and light tapping on the tamper matt. No more mess.


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                    IDR by Costas of Sweden
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	19600532-origpic-79b92e.jpg
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ID:	737563Click image for larger version

Name:	19600532-origpic-67c067.jpg
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ID:	737564
                    Very neat, beautifully made,
                    But waaaayyyy over engineered for its purpose !
                    ..and $85 + shipping. !


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                      When Kapo Chiu pulled a doppio for me using the IDR and EK43 on a Synesso Hydra, I knew I wanted the grinder but it was way too big and expensive so I settled for the IDR.
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                        Thanks all some great advice - I followed the tip from Talk Coffee and got a CoffeeCatcha - similar principle to the IDR as suggested by Blend52 and it works really well - the Eureka mignon has a timed dose as well which helps when used in conjunction with the Catcha ( or I presume with the IDR)


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                          G'day SOB

                          I hope I'm not too late, but I'm new here too, have the Eureka Mignon, & also like to keep the coffee prep area tidy. I use the Orpha Espresso Dosing Funnel, but it's the heavier built Ipanema design:

                          OE IPANEMA Tall Aluminum Portafilter Dosing Cylinder

                          I've found it extremely helpful, that once you've dosed, tap around the sides to level off the grind (tip, use your thumb to keep the funnel firmly in place), then tap it firmly on a rubber mat to settle it into the portafilter. The only downside with the OEs is that they have a lip that fits inside the portafilter, which leaves a small indentation in the grind, around the outer edge. To overcome that, once I've removed the funnel, I use fingers or thumb to distribute coffee into the small recess & very slightly firm it down to reduce the risk of cavitation.

                          I have some minor co-ordination/manual consistency issues, & found the Espro Calibrated Tamper helps me a lot. In fact, I have a barely used 58mm Pullman tamper which I'm currently using as a paperweight, if anyone would like it (postage only), I'm a PM away.

                          Hope this helps


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                            Hi AzBean
                            thanks for your post - very helpful and another way I can keep working on fine tuning my setup.
                            Thanks again.


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                              G'day SOB

                              Glad it was helpful, I have another couple of suggestions that slipped my mind the other day. I highly recommend the Concept Arts Small Knock Box Drawer, which looks sensational with the grinder sitting comfortably on top. I also forgot to mention that while I've still got the portafilter & Dosing Funnel under the grinder chute, I knuckle the chute several times, in the hope of dislodging & catching those pesky grinds that hang around in there. With all good plans, they come unstuck, & occasionally some grinds spill out once the portafilter's out of the way. No biggie, I just slide the drawer open & brush them into it with a cosmetics make-up brush, that I borrowed from my wife.