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Have I killed my Macap?

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  • Have I killed my Macap?

    Hi all,

    This morning in the noisy kitchen I got distracted whilst grinding and to cut a long story short, my grinder was left running for at least 5 minutes with no beans.
    When I went to make the next coffee a couple of hours later, I turn on the grinder, I can hear the motor trying to do something, but no spinning.
    If I twist the centre part manually, it will run, but it does not seem to be able to start by itself.

    I've removed the top burr and given it a good clean, brush and vacuum, but still not luck.

    So have I killed it? Or is there hope?


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    Dead motor start capacitor would do that. $5-20 depending on what it is.

    Could be something else too


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      I don't know the specifics of the insides of your Macap but I work with electric motors a bit. It sounds like there is a problem with the start winding or if there is a capacitor connected to one of the windings it may have failed. I think you need someone to look at it


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        It will be the capacitor.
        Had to get a new one installed in mine a few months ago.