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Mazza Major - Electronic or Automatic

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  • Mazza Major - Electronic or Automatic

    Opening a new store, and was just about to buy a Mazza Major, but before I did, was hoping to get some opinions on whether I should be ordering the Automatic or the Electronic.

    Looking at doing about 30-35 kgs per week, and although I will have one main barista, there will be times that others will be on the machine. Note: will also have a Mazza Super Jolly in the store.

    All opinions happily accepted.

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    You should pay a tiny bit more and grab our Robur-E ;P Mazzer Robur Electronic Demo | Talk Coffee


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      What Talk_Coffee said. Seriously.


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        Whichever machine you purchase..... and I recommend the Robur-e, do not buy the automatic fill doser.

        Even in a busy cafe you will always be using grinds that are at the bottom of the doser chamber and which
        won't be fresh.
        You will also have to rely on staff to turn the grinder off at the appropriate time of day so that the doser chamber doesn't refill
        but is allowed to empty for cleaning at the end of trading.

        The Robur is also faster than the Major.


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          Go the Robur - great grinder. Fast - fast - fast … and clean and easy to use … and did I mention fast?