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missing part of switch for EM0480?

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  • missing part of switch for EM0480?

    Hi, I hope there's no thread about this already, I didn't find one.

    I think I've lost a part, I just can't see how it's possible that switch can become depressed when the grinder is assembled, it certainly isn't working unless I'm holding it down with my finger (not like in the photo, literally pressing down the button).

    Just in case you can't get the images I'm talking about a switch right next to the burrs, not the power switch.

    Any ideas?

    View image: DSC5648

    View image: DSC5648

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    You have just given me an excuse to clean my old grinder....
    I think you have lost a little grey plastic pin that fits up through the circular hole above the microswitch, when the hopper is installed correctly it pushes down and engages the switch. It's part of the safety interlock so that you can't operate the grinder without the hopper and thus can't get your fingers in there to get them mangled


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      Yes I can see now from the EM0480 service manual that I've lost parts 22 and 24, the safety switch spring and the safety switch rod.

      I've decided I don't need a safety switch and taped it closed