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    My Eureka grinder was making an odd noise so I took the hopper off and cleaned it out.
    That fixed the problem but got me thinking when I should think about burr wear. It is only used for four coffees a day at most.

    While I had to hopper off I noticed the bean disperser in the hopper is held on at two coners and the other two corners have holes but are not attached.
    Has anyone any idea why there are holes in the corners that are not attached. They don't seem to serve any purpose.

    What is this disperser for anyway? Is it a safety device to prevent fingers and stuff getting into the burrs?

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    I believe it is there to prevent jamming when you fill up the hopper. I took off mine and just do single dosing.


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      4 coffees a day equates to roughly 300 grams coffee a week.

      If the grinder was bought new by you, the burrs will literally be good for about 20 years (work it out )

      That device in the hopper directs the beans to flow in at the side and bottom. If it is removed there is more likelihood of the beans getting hung up on eachother on the way into the top of the inlet throat (or as the previous person noted, to stop the beans "jamming" up on eachother) and not feeding in properly. And yes it is also a kind of safety guard however I dont believe it is the primary funtion.

      Hope that helps.


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        Ad the name suggests it "Disperses" the beans when added so they don't get jammed when address to the hopper


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          Thanks to all who responded - very good